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The Single Best Interview Question to Ask

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You just left your interview. You’re confident for about 5 minutes, but then it starts gnawing at you: Did it really go as well as you thought? Was the hiring manager impressed by your questions?

…you did remember to ask questions, yes?

We’ve done research with our candidates and interviewers, and out of all the questions that candidates routinely ask, there’s a clear winner that garners hugely positive responses on the hiring manager’s end. What is this interview question, you ask?

“What is your biggest concern about moving forward with me as a candidate?”

While it may seem counterintuitive to invite potentially negative discussion to the table, we’ve found this question to usually go the opposite way.

In fact, asking your interviewer if they have any questions or concerns about you gives you a chance to remediate or clarify prior misconceptions.

We all get nervous during interviews, and as such, can easily make statements that perhaps end up being misconstrued. By giving your interviewer the chance to question these statements, you are provided with the opportunity to clarify what you meant.

Additionally, if your interviewer hones in on a lack of experience or training, you can address this as well.

If the hiring manager points out that they’re concerned about a missing certification or skill, you’ll be able to confirm that you are willing to take a class to get to the level they require. Either way, you’ll glean insight into whether the interviewer believes your background will be a good fit for their needs.

Finally, we’ve found that asking this question impresses hiring managers as it demonstrates a willingness to hear constructive criticism.

Hiring managers really do love this interview question. Not only does it offer you precious insight into how you’re doing, but it shows them you’re able to take criticism, learn from it, implement changes, or at the very least, have the conversational ability to clarify yourself if need be.

Have you had positive results asking this question? Tell us in the comments!

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