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Michael Ferris, Abacode - Full Stack Talent Tampa Bay Tech Leaders

Tampa Bay Tech Leaders: Cybersecurity, Compliance, and a New Partnership with Tech Data – Michael Ferris at Abacode

Cybersecurity and everything it entails can get super complicated, super fast. Thankfully, we have great minds like Michael Ferris at Abacode to help us navigate that massively complex web! — Roxanne Williams: Abacode is hot in the news right now due to the announcement of their partnership with Tech Data. For folks who haven’t heard…
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Full Stack Talent - Remote Work The Benefits To Productivity, And The Downsides

Remote Work: The Benefits To Productivity, And The Downsides

If you’re a reader of our Tampa Bay Tech Leaders interview series, you’ve probably seen that one of the questions we ask everyone is, “What can we do to increase talent retention?” I ask this question for a specific reason. One of the things we’ve seen, as a staffing agency in Tampa, is people leaving…
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Marc Blumenthal, Florida Funders - Full Stack Talent Tampa Bay Tech Leaders

Tampa Bay Tech Leaders: A State Of The Union On Tech Capital with Marc Blumenthal of Florida Funders

Florida Funders has made a massive impact on the capital that flows through to Tampa’s startups. We’re eternally grateful to Marc and the rest of the Florida Funders team for bringing in accredited investors with different industry backgrounds into the fold. — Roxanne Williams: I was taking a look at your LinkedIn and you have…
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Full Stack Talent - Tech Leaders Reading List and Podcast Recommendations

Tampa Bay Tech Leaders Tech Reading List and Podcast Recommendations

One of the questions we love asking our Tech Leaders is if they have any book or podcast recommendations. This has allowed us to put together an amazing tech reading list, filled to the brim with what Tampa’s best entrepreneurs read and listen to. We hope this tech reading list will bring you ideas of…
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Brian Kornfeld, Synapse - Full Stack Talent Tampa Bay Tech Leaders

Tampa Bay Tech Leaders: 2 Hours With Tampa’s Rocket Scientist and Founder of Synapse, Brian Kornfeld

It’s a rare chance to speak with a rocket scientist, entrepreneur, and connector all at once – but Brian Kornfeld has done it all, and seen it all. We spent a good 2 hours with him, learning all about his career in Tampa, especially his work at Synapse and what comes next. — Roxanne Williams:…
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Full Stack Talent - Coding Schools in the Tampa Bay Area

Coding Schools in the Tampa Bay Area

In recent years, Tampa has collected a good amount of coding schools. If you’re looking to quickly start a new career in web development, coding bootcamps can be a good option for you. We’ve gathered information on the coding schools available in Tampa and made it a bit easier to digest. — Suncoast Developers Guild…
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James Gress, Accenture - Full Stack Talent Tampa Bay Tech Leaders

Tampa Bay Tech Leaders: Evangelizing DevOps Culture with James Gress at Accenture

As the first DevOps member at Accenture Tampa Advanced Technology Center, James Gress has built an amazing team. He spoke to us about an intensive DevOps training program he’s spearheading at Accenture in an effort to bring more talent to Tampa Bay, and about DevOpsDays, an event coming up in June. — Matt Vaughn: Can…
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Full Stack Talent - Working Late - The Bad Habit We Need To Break

Working Late: The Bad Habit We Need To Break

“When you start a new job, you should show up before your boss and leave after them.” We’ve all heard that piece of advice. It’s all about making that good first impression. We’re hoping the boss will see how hardworking we are, and how willing we are to put time in to get shit done.…
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Kiki Roeder - Full Stack Talent Tampa Bay Tech Leaders

Tampa Bay Tech Leaders: Navigating Tampa’s Startup Ecosystem with Kiki Roeder

Kiki Roeder has been an active part of the Tampa startup community for the last few years. She has founded and exited two companies and is the Director of Women Who Code in Tampa. She was happy to share her knowledge and wisdom with us in this interview. — Roxanne Williams: I’d like for you…
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Marvin Scaff - Full Stack Talent Tampa Bay Tech Leaders

Tampa Bay Tech Leaders: Marvin Scaff – Why Tampa’s C-Suite Technologist Is Switching Gears From High-Tech To Social Issues

Marvin Scaff has been an important part of Tampa’s tech ecosystem for years. He has recently switched gears from mainly tech companies to a really cool kids show, Dear Doodles, focused on inclusivity. Marvin sat down for some drinks with us at The Independent, and we talked about this project at length. We also touched…
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Scott Conlon, MyArea Network - Full Stack Talent Tampa Bay Tech Leaders

Tampa Bay Tech Leaders: Connecting Local Communities – Scott Conlon of MyArea Network

Scott Conlon has been championing the local scene in Tampa for years now – even before he started MyArea Network. We’re so happy we got to speak with Scott about his takes on talent, tech, our wonderful city of Tampa, and how important connecting with your local community truly is. — Roxanne Williams: You came…
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The 10 Best Tech Meetups in Tampa - Full Stack Talent

The 10 Best Tech Meetup Groups in Tampa – 2019 Edition

It’s amazing how quickly things change in Tampa. Over the span of 2018, we lost some good meetup groups, but others have emerged that are doing incredible things for the community. We’re taking a few minutes to recognize what these meetups are doing to further tech in Tampa. — #1 – High Tech Connect This…
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Samyr Qureshi, Knack - Full Stack Talent Tampa Bay Tech Leaders

Tampa Bay Tech Leaders: A deep dive into EdTech in Tampa with Knack’s CEO, Samyr Qureshi

Knack currently works out of the Tampa Bay WaVE. We went to see Samyr a couple weeks ago and had a great interview, deep-diving into the state of education, hiring tech talent, and maybe a little bit about Mario Kart. — Roxanne Williams: For our readers who don’t know what Knack is, can you give…
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Full Stack Talent - Gooee Testing Lab

A First Look At Gooee’s IoT Test Lab

Gooee’s IoT Test Lab is a 14,000 square foot facility dedicated to testing and optimizing new technology. This extends from mesh networking, to lightning, stress testing, performance monitoring, and tons more. Previously, the test lab had been limited to Gooee employees and their clients. However, I was recently invited to get a first look at…
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Full Stack Talent - How To Answer How Much Money Are You Currently Making

How to Answer “How much money are you currently making?”

Some interview questions are hard to answer, like the ever-famous “Why do you want to work here?” (because I like money and not starving?) and “Why should I hire you?” (because I’m awesome and super qualified for the job?). I hate those questions, and the day will come when I write a guide on how…
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