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Luigi, Yoshi and Mario - Charity in Corporate America

Charitable Hearts in Business: How to Change The World, One Corporation at a Time

Charitable Hearts in Business: How to Change The World, One Corporation at a Time I’ll let you in on a little secret – it’s the reason I’m charitable: I grew up fairly poor. My family could afford the necessities, but that was that – no extras. My mom sewed our clothes. We got one present…
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Interview Questions, Recruiter Interview

LinkedIn Messages as a Cover Letter

We recently posted a video titled “How important are cover letters, really?” and we’d like to expand on the video a little bit. It seems like writing a cover letter is going out the window – everyone rejoice! – and we have a few words about that. Recruiters Act as a Facilitator / Advocate Between…
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Agency Recruiter

What Working with Agency Recruiters is Really Like

We see it over and over – the stereotype of Bad Agency Recruiters. They’re the people that don’t read your résumé, don’t return your calls or emails; they simply disappear into the ether, never to be seen or heard from again. Ok, so maybe the stereotype is semi-warranted. My agency ran a test a few…
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You Should Feel Bad Zoidberg - Interview Process

Your Interview Process is Bad and You Should Feel Bad

Ahh, the interview process. We’ve all gotten one of these emails: “Hey Candidate! Thanks for interviewing with us for the 4th time today. We’d like you to take these 3 different extremely time-consuming assessments now, and if we deem you adequate, we’d *love* to have you take more time off work so you can continue…
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Getting Over It by Brandon Foddy

Sooo… I guess I’ve made it?

A little while ago, in a galaxy really really nearby… Have you met Django Ovrette yet? No? Let me introduce you. Last month, my company ran a test against other recruiting firms. We created a video game character’s résumé and put it on free CV databases to see if we’d get any bites. Keep in…
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Gary Vee and Michael!

Now That Tampa Bay Startup Week is Halfway Over: A Photo Story.

Whew. What a rough, but incredibly rewarding few days at Tampa Bay Startup Week. I figured I’d put together a write-up of my experience (so far). Since I’m the Marketing Director here, my schedule was mostly focused around the marketing track. I of course also attended the talent acquisition track events, as we are a…
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Job Interview Question, Job Seeker - Full Stack Talent

The Single Best Interview Question to Ask

You just left your interview. You’re confident for about 5 minutes, but then it starts gnawing at you. Did it really go as well as you thought? Was the hiring manager impressed by your questions? …you did remember to ask questions, yes? We’ve done research with our candidates and interviewers. Out of all the questions…
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