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Resume Facelift 2020: Top Tips from the Talent Experts!

Recently we broadcast a Facebook Live Q&A to answer your burning questions about resume writing and updating. This is a summary of the key questions we addressed; at the end of this post, we’ve included a link to the full video. You can also find free downloadable resume and cover letter templates, along with other…
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Full Stack Talent - Gooee Testing Lab

A First Look At Gooee’s IoT Test Lab

Gooee’s IoT Test Lab is a 14,000 square foot facility dedicated to testing and optimizing new technology. This extends from mesh networking, to lightning, stress testing, performance monitoring, and tons more. Previously, the test lab had been limited to Gooee employees and their clients. However, I was recently invited to get a first look at…
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SHOW ME THE REASONS To use a staffing agency

When Should You Use A Staffing Agency?

We recently participated in an AMA (Ask Me Anything, for those unfamiliar with the term) on amafeed.com (it was super fun and we gave away a bunch of trade secrets – go ahead and check it out), and we got a great question: Why should a company pay for Full Stack Talent’s staffing agency services…
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Interview Questions, Recruiter Interview

LinkedIn Messages as a Cover Letter

We recently posted a video titled “How important are cover letters, really?” and we’d like to expand on the video a little bit. It seems like writing a cover letter is going out the window – everyone rejoice! – and we have a few words about that. Recruiters Act as a Facilitator / Advocate Between…
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You Should Feel Bad Zoidberg - Interview Process

Your Interview Process is Bad and You Should Feel Bad

Ahh, the interview process. We’ve all gotten one of these emails: “Hey Candidate! Thanks for interviewing with us for the 4th time today. We’d like you to take these 3 different extremely time-consuming assessments now, and if we deem you adequate, we’d *love* to have you take more time off work so you can continue…
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