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The 7 Best Tech Meetup Groups in Tampa

Best Tech Meetup Groups in Tampa

Best Tech Meetup - Tampa Hackerspace

Tampa Hackerspace

Probably one of the coolest places in Tampa. With over 3.5k members, the meetups are usually filled with people of all walks of life – including kids. They host events almost every day – and these events are really cool things, like lockpicking, open make nights, board game nights, woodshop, laser cutter orientation, soldering, 3D printing, etc… Basically, if you want to learn how to make cool stuff, go there. Go there now. There’s a membership fee, but it’s worth it, and this is easily one of the best tech meetup groups in our books. You can find their official website here.

Best Tech Meetup - BarCamp

BarCamp Tampa Bay

This is the official meetup group for BarCamp Tampa Bay and Ignite! Tampa Bay, 2 huge events in the tech space in Tampa. Ignite! is actually coming up on June 13th, and we’re super excited – so excited, in fact, that we’re sponsoring the event, so look for us there.

BarCamp is dedicated to promoting all technology and the tech community in Tampa. You can expect any of these topics to be covered at their events: Software Development, Hardware Testing & Design, UX & Design, Internet of Things (IoT), Wearable Tech, Industry Standards, Network Infrastructure, Security Solutions & Services, Interactive Marketing, Mobile Applications, New Web Technology, Graphic Design, Database Architecture, Web Content Tools, Corporate IT Initiatives, etc.

Tampa Bay Tech Events

This group hosts a great networking event in the Tampa area called Geek Breakfast. I actually attended their Geek Breakfast a couple months ago (it’s the last Thursday of each month at Jimbo’s BBQ, and if you end up going, please get the home fries. They rule.) and while it was a smaller group, the conversation was amazing and nerdy and everything I dreamed it would be. Great little tech meetup.

The group also markets other events once in a while, like beer crawls, hackathons, etc.

Nerd Night Out

A super active meetup with almost 2k members that hosts gaming events (video and board, if you’re curious), karaoke, boozin’, etc – oh, and they have their own book club. They have a good 10-15 events every month (wasn’t kidding about the super active part!). While all meetups are 18+, they do advertise themselves as a safe space group, meaning all races, genders, orientations, etc are welcome.

Best Tech Meetup - SecureSet

Learn Cybersecurity Tampa

Hosted by our friends at SecureSet Academy, this group is a great starting point for all those curious about cybersecurity. Cybersecurity is a rising star in the tech world, and salaries and job openings are currently through the roof. Their meetups include cool events like Hacking 101, Career Convos (in which an outside source comes in to talk about their career and answer questions about the field / career path – we hope to host one of these one day!), and they do a monthly tour of the campus. If you’re at all considering a career in cybersecurity, again, this is a great starting point for you.

Tampa Bay Agile

These guys were named Tampa Bay Tech’s 2017 meetup of the year, and we definitely agree! We can’t speak to the Lean Coffee meetup (cough), but the Lean Beer tech meetup is faaaantastic! We attend this one regularly. In Matt’s words: Fred and Ed foster a lot of really cool conversations. The setup of the meetup itself is interesting. Everybody takes a piece of paper and writes down a question about Agile/Scrum, from really basic to highly-technical. The questions get picked out of a bucket and read aloud, and then discussion occurs. Every question is given 5 minutes. If, after 5 minutes, people want to keep talking about that specific question, they raise their beer, and the conversation is continued. Everyone gets to participate, and since it’s anonymous, no one gets embarrassed about asking basic questions. However, if during the conversation you have further questions, you can make yourself known and ask away. It’s a great learning environment.

Best Tech Meetup - SuncoastJS


The largest Javascript tech meetup in the Tampa Bay / St. Petersburg area, boasting a robust 925 members, and with strong ties to the Suncoast Developers Guild. They have fairly frequent meetups that are quite informative and valuable, and the skills taught go anywhere from beginner to technically-advanced.

Roxanne Williams is the Marketing Director at Full Stack Talent, a technology staffing agency in Tampa, FL. Find her LinkedIn here.