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Coding Schools in the Tampa Bay Area

Full Stack Talent - Coding Schools in the Tampa Bay Area

In recent years, Tampa has collected a good amount of coding schools. If you’re looking to quickly start a new career in web development, coding bootcamps can be a good option for you. We’ve gathered information on the coding schools available in Tampa and made it a bit easier to digest.

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Suncoast Developers Guild

We’re huge fans of Suncoast Developers Guild. They are helping Tampa’s tech ecosystem dramatically by churning out good talent, one cohort at a time. We’ve interviewed Toni (the President of SDG) in the past, if you want to read about her views on education, and why SDG is important in the community.

Suncoast Developers Guild runs 4 cohorts per year for their Web Development program, with each lasting 3 months. They start the first 3 weeks off by teaching you the basics: HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Then, the next 4 weeks are spent on the React framework. Finally, 6 weeks are spent on full stack development, where you choose a focus of either .NET or Ruby on Rails.

SDG has great placement rates, with 90% of grads finding a job between 30 to 60 days.

Address: 2220 Central Ave, St. Petersburg, FL 33712
Tuition: $14,900 for the entire three month Web Development program. This does not include the cost of a laptop. However, considering this is a full-time immersive program, we find it easy to justify the tuition costs. This is an investment in your future, and this is especially true since the average starting salary for someone fresh out of the cohort is $50,000.
Scholarships: SDG offers a Diversity scholarship of $1,900. Companies will also offer scholarships for certain cohorts, but these are unpredictable. Full Stack Talent actually supported a past cohort by providing a $500 scholarship. Haneke Design has also offered a scholarship in the past.
Apply now: To apply to Suncoast Developers Guild’s Wed Development program, fill out the application form here: https://suncoast.io/academy/apply

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Launchcode offers a few different programs, with the flagship being LC101.

LC101 is a 20-week program, and the purpose is to prepare students to become web developers. This program, unlike Suncoast Developers Guild’s program, is not a full-time, intensive course. Students have class twice a week for 3 hour sessions. Overall, you’ll be spending about 20 hours per week on schoolwork.

As for the program, the 20 weeks are separated into 3 units. The first unit lasts 6 weeks and focuses on programming fundamentals, where you’ll learn Python. The second unit lasts 7 weeks and touches on the foundational elements of a modern web app – minus the JavaScript. You’ll be learning about HTML, CSS, SQL, Python as a back-end language, Github, etc. Finally, unit 3 lasts 7 weeks, and that’s where you’ll pick your focus. You’ll choose from either Object-Oriented Programming and Java Web Apps, or Object-Oriented Programming in C# and ASP.NET MVC Applications, or Javascript and Front-End Web Programming.

Other programs include the popular CoderGirl 6-month course, but unfortunately, is only offered at the Saint Louis campus.

Address: N/A
Tuition: Free, but you do need to provide your own laptop.
Scholarships: N/A, training is free.
Apply now: To apply to Launchcode’s LC101 program, you must first take a quick assessment here: https://www.launchcode.org/lc101.

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Computer Coach

Computer Coach has been active since 1992. We’ve known them as more of a certification school, providing certifications like CompTIA, MTA, Cisco, Agile, etc – but they also do Front-End Web Development/Design and Back-End. You can combine both to make the Full Stack Development program.

The Front-End and Back-End programs are 200 hours each, so the Full Stack program is 400 instructor hours. When I spoke with Suzanne Ricci of Computer Coach, she advised that anyone looking into a coding program should come visit the school in person. “Over the phone and internet doesn’t tell a whole story,” she explained. “You need to see it live and meet the folks who will help you with your career. We offer our programs in 2.5 month formats, Monday to Friday, as well as part-time evenings and weekends, so you don’t have to quit your job.”

Address: 5005 N Hesperides St, Tampa, FL 33614
Tuition: $5,000 for Front-End, $5,000 for Back-End, $10,000 for Full Stack development. There are many payment plans and financing available to help pay for your schooling.
Scholarships: Computer Coach has access to several grants that can pay up to 100% of your tuition, books, certification exams, etc. Contact Computer Coach to see if you qualify for these grants.
Apply now: To apply to a Computer Coach coding program, apply here: https://www.computercoach.com/apply.htm.

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Thinkful’s “only” proposition is, they are the only bootcamp program in Tampa with a job guarantee.

We looked into their placement rates, and for the web dev program, Thinkful boasts an 80% placement rate within 6 months of graduation, with graduates getting jobs at awesome companies like Amazon, Boeing, Google, and IBM.

Full Stack Flex is Thinkful’s main program. This is a 20 to 30 hour per week program where you graduate in 6 months. The program is separated into 5 units. The first unit is web dev fundamentals, where you’ll learn to build websites with HTML, CSS, and jQuery. Unit two will teach you about web apps, command line, and Git. The third unit focuses on server-side programming with Node.js. Unit four will teach you React. Finally, unit five will teach you advanced topics like data structures and algorithms. Additionally, Thinkful provides you with one-on-one attention: you get your very own mentor, a seasoned industry professional.

Address: N/A
Tuition: $9,500 for the full 6 month program. Here’s where the job guarantee plays in: if you haven’t found a job within 6 months of graduating, 100% of your tuition will be refunded. There is fine print, so make sure you read it.
Scholarships: Thinkful offers scholarships for women or US military members (active or discharged).
Apply now: To apply to Thinkful’s Full Stack Flex program, fill out their online form here: https://thinkful.typeform.com/to/DvazqS.

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Nucamp is opening this summer, and we’re pretty excited about them. As far as coding schools go, their pricing is excellent.

There’s a Web Development Fundamentals beginner bootcamp, which will touch on HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. This is a 4 week program that will teach you the basics. If you’re looking for something more advanced, they also offer a Front End Web and Mobile Development course, which lasts 17 weeks, and a Full Stack Web and Mobile Development program – their most advanced – which lasts 22 weeks.

The cool part about their program is that it’s partly online, partly in-person, with a maximum of 12 students per class. Plus, the in-person part is only on Saturdays, where the entire class will meet for a workshop. Else, you’re spending 8 to 14 hours per week online doing coursework and watching lectures. It’s a really great way to be able to study and keep a full-time job.

Address: There are a few workshop locations, see the website for more info.
Tuition: Web Development Fundamentals starts at $320, Front End Web and Mobile Development starts at $1,260, and Full Stack Web and Mobile Development starts at $1,620. They get pricier the longer you wait (think early bird specials).
Scholarships: There are no scholarships or financial aid due to low pricing on the bootcamps.
Apply now: To apply to one of Nucamp’s upcoming programs, register here: https://www.nucamp.co/community/fl/tampa. There’s no direct application link, you have to click around to the program and start date that you want.

For the kids

Code Ninjas - Coding Schools in Tampa - Full Stack Talent

Code Ninjas

If you want to teach your kids how to code, there’s this cool coding school called Code Ninjas that solves just that! Code Ninjas serves children aged 7 to 14, and they use games to learn – such as Minecraft.

Address: 14349 N Dale Mabry Hwy, Tampa, FL 33618
Tuition: Rates are set by the center, so you’ll have to contact your specific center to find out. You can bring your own laptop, or rent one from Code Ninjas.
Scholarships: N/A.
Apply now: Schedule a tour here: https://www.codeninjas.com/fl-tampa-carrollwood/schedule-tour

Roxanne Williams is the Marketing Director at Full Stack Talent, a technology staffing agency in Tampa, FL. Find her LinkedIn here.