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The Full Stack Talent Scholarship for Suncoast Developers Guild

The Full Stack Talent Scholarship for Suncoast Developers Guild

A couple months ago, we offered a scholarship for Suncoast Developers Guild students. Entry was a 300 to 500 word essay that answered these questions:

How has technology changed your life, and how would this scholarship help you achieve your goals? Why did you choose full stack development as your career?

If you know anything about us at Full Stack Talent, you know we’re passionate about technology. Not only is our staffing agency focused on technical talent, but we also all come from a tech background. I was a Project Manager at an IT firm before switching to Marketing, Matt has a background in design and dev, Mike did IT infrastructure, etc – the list goes on and on. We’re a technical staffing agency that actually knows what we’re talking about.

When we started floating the idea of a scholarship, it made sense to use those questions as the essay. We wanted to find someone who was as passionate about tech as we are, and we wanted to help someone who, as she put so well in her essay, sees code as poetry. We also wanted to help a local school, since growing our local talent is incredibly important for the tech ecosystem here. It make sense to choose Suncoast Developers Guild, since they’re more than doing their part to grow tech talent in Tampa.

This is how you write an awesome scholarship essay.

Congrats, Shantell – we hope this helps you achieve your dreams at Suncoast Developers Guild!

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Shantell’s Essay

Reflecting on how technology has changed my life is like watching the night clouds open to a meteor shower – illuminating and boundless. One could say technology taught me, among other things, persistence. At seven-years-old, I went door-to-door selling spices for the annual fundraiser at my K – 8 school. Determined to have the highest sales, I enlisted my father, who drove me through nearby neighborhoods once I’d knocked on every door in my own. He was proud (and likely relieved) when I brought home the winning prize; and that Texas Instrument TI99-4A was, according to Dad, “worth a lot of cinnamon.”

In short, I worked hard and was rewarded. At my fingertips was the updated, original 16 bit home computer. But what does that mean to a second grader? I sensed there was magic to this machine, more than pressing the power key and sighing, “Oooh… Aaaah.” As many of us know, ask your parents, “What’s this for? What does that do? How can I…” long enough and you’ll get the answers you’ve been tugging for.

Fortunately, my curiosity paid off, as did having a forward-thinking mother who enrolled me in computer classes at the local science center. Every Saturday morning she walked me through doors of possibility, held my hand as I talked to the center’s pet python, then let me loose to learn. Isn’t that what technology is about? Curiosity. Learning. Fulfilling a need.

Much has changed since those spice selling days. I’m a taller, more tenacious and inquiring version of my seven-year-old self. And like any good operating system, I stay updated. As with my current life redesign, for example. After considering what I love to do alongside what I’m actually doing, it became clear I was missing the technical wonder in my life.

I’m a creative writer inspired by how applied sciences influence, well, pretty much everything. I love to code. Code is like poetry but with a visual representation at the end run. Some of us creatives can wander a bit, and though we may possess a keen logical side, don’t always discern our best opportunities. The Full Stack Talent scholarship would help me gain the necessary knowledge to become a full stack developer. With this knowledge, I can help talented creatives like myself align their gifts with an opportunity to contribute to humanity’s ever-reinventing, extraordinary creation – technology.

Roxanne Williams is the Marketing Director at Full Stack Talent, a technology staffing agency in Tampa, FL. Find her LinkedIn here.